5 Tips To Help Make Your Next Family Portrait Session A Success!


Tips And Tricks To Make Your Best Little Studio Family Portrait Session A Success!

You see it on every social media site. Portraits of smiling happy families, children sitting still and posing, not a hair out of place, outfits perfectly pressed and clean, the sun at the perfect angle, the grass a perfect shade of green, everything is just... perfect!

So why can't you get this? Why are all of your photo sessions filled with kids running around like animals, the wind whipping your hair into a rat's nest, the sun constantly going in and out of clouds, and nothing cooperating!

Don't worry, Best Little Studio is here to give you 5 tried and true, proven tips to help make your next family portrait session a rousing success. 

#1. Connection. 

You must have a connection with your photographer. It does not matter how good, well respected, published, or professional your photographer is, if you do not have a connection with each other then this will show in the final portrait products. 

When you have a connection with your photographer and their team this connection is present in the final images and your true self can shine through to be forever cherished on your wall. 

Tips: Follow your favorite photographers on social media, see what they post, how they post, interact with them, you can get a great feel for them this way and quickly decide if they are right for you. 

#2. Get a good night's sleep!

We cannot stress this enough.

A good night's sleep does wonders for your everyday life, we already all know this, but the night before a portrait session is even more important. 

A good night's sleep will have many benefits, such as rested and relaxed muscles, and lower blood pressure.

Going to bed early and getting good rest will also ensure that when you wake in the morning, you will have plenty of time to perfect your style, get yourself styled, hair, makeup, etc, gather the family and any needed accessories, and make it to your destination or the studio in plenty of time. 

Tips: Your photographer's time is limited, being on time will ensure you get the most amount of photography time and capture as many images as possible.

Bring a change of clothes for everyone.  You never know when nature will decide to let its presence be known, bringing a change of clothes for each person ensures that should accidents happen you can quickly make a wardrobe change and be back to creating beautiful portraits. 

#3. Keep it simple. 

We all want to show our jewelry collections and cherished items, but these are better left for in-person viewing rather than your photo session.

Too many accessories will distract from the focus of the family photo sessions. So leave those bangles and stuffed animals at home unless you have discussed them with your photographer and they are part of the planned photography session. 

Avoid trying out new hair or make-up styles. Stick to your tried and true styles, your photo session may be a bit stressful and the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you will like your new hairstyle having on a 24x36 canvas print over your mantle. 

Tips: Bright reflective jewelry can cause havoc with photo sessions, stick to simple elegant pieces such as simple bands for rings and necklaces. Large engagement or wedding rings are an exception and will be appropriately framed by your photographer. 

#4. Neutral colors. 

Much as the tip above to keep it simple, do the same with your style.

Select neutral colors such as beige, white, black, tan, and grey as these photographs the best and showcase your family. 

Avoid patterns that can be distracting such as high contrast stripes and repeating patterns. These patterns will clash with your surroundings and distract from the beauty of your family. 

Avoid logos and wording. They can be visually distracting. 

Wear properly fitting clothing. Not only do you feel better in the correctly fitting clothing but you also look more natural and confident in your portrait. 

Don't forget the bottom! shoes are important, many of your images are going to be the full length of your body, from head to toe. So keep this in mind when choosing your outfit. Avoid scuffed and dirty track shoes. 

If you normally wear glasses, then wear them, do not worry about glare or shine, your photographer knows how to work around these issues and we want you to be comfortable and to be yourself.

Tips: If your session is outdoors bring comfortable walking shoes so you can easily get to the photography session. You can always change them just before the session starts. 

#5. Be yourself!

We love you for who you are. When you contact us to handle your family portrait we spent a lot of time on the phone getting to know each other and make sure we were a great fit just like in tip number one. 

We are not here to judge you or change you, we want to capture the real you, the fun, quirky, serious, intelligent, fun-loving family. We will capture the smiles, the scowls, the joking jabs, and loving embraces. 

Feel free to relax, to laugh and have a good time, crack jokes if you want to. Portraits come out the best when you are enjoying yourself and being true to yourself. 

Remember, just because there is a camera there does not mean you have to be looking at the camera, often the best images are those where you can see a family member looking at another with pure adoration in their eyes. 

Enjoy the moment, we will pose you as needed, let us handle the hard stuff, today is a day to have fun and relax while getting your portraits taken. 

Tips: We have been there, done that, broken nails, we probably have a quick fix kit, lost a button? We have a whole baggie full and needle and thread to fix it. Did a lens fall out of your glasses? We have a glasses repair kit in our bag. For just about anything we have a solution, do not be afraid to ask, it is what we are here for.


Ask us about creating a style guide for you. This is a paid service.

We work with you to design a style and tone for your family to capture exactly what you want to showcase and ensure it matches with your existing style. You can then use this same style for many other services such as painting, redecorating, remodeling, and future photography sessions. 

Using these tips and tricks will ensure that you get the best from your family portrait session. 

Just remember, be yourself, it is just a picture, we can make more. And we would love to make as many as you want. 

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