Pet Portrait Do's And Don'ts

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Follow these do’s and don’ts to ensure your pet portrait session is a howling good time!

We love to see them, on our social media, on our phones, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, Frank the Pug posts, Stevie the happy-happy dog. 

There is nothing we love more than beautiful portraits of our most beloved companions, our pets. 

From the furry to the scaley, the creepy to the cuddly, our pets tell us a lot about who we are, what we like, and how we love. In today's blog post we are going to go over a few tips and tricks to ensure that you get the most out of your pet portrait session. 

Pet portrait photography is an exciting and relatively new trend in photography. 

For years photographers have focused on families but neglected often the most important part of the family, our pets. Our furry friends have climbed the ladder from working animal and occasional companion, to be full-fledged members of our families.

As such, we honor them today with beautiful family portraits featuring our beloved companions through thick and thin. 

So grab a fuzzy companion, get comfortable, and let's get started with some time-tested do's and don'ts for your pet portrait session. 


Pamper that pooch, clean that kitty, wrangle that rabbit. It is essential that you make sure your pet is comfortable and relaxed during the session, one of the best ways to do this is to ensure your pet is well washed and groomed, a groomed pet is a happy pet, and that happiness and attention to detail will show in your images. 

Make sure your furry family member has had a good grooming session at one of our local awesome groomers, get their nails trimmed, fur cleaned, cut and styled, and ready for their closeup. If your pet is prone to tear stains make sure to clean those before the session as they are very obvious in photos. 


Do not wait to take your pet potty. The last thing you want during the middle of a session is to stop for a potty break, or worse, have an accident!

Make sure to take your pet for their regular walks and potty breaks to ensure a smooth trouble-free session. 


Dress for the occasion. Decide beforehand if you want this to be a pet-only or inclusive photo session. If you are going to be in the portraits with your pet please make sure to dress appropriately for the location. For more tips and tricks on how to properly dress for a session click here to see our 5 Tips To Help Make Your Next Family Portrait Session A  Success blog post. 


Don't put too much pressure on getting the perfect photos. 

Animals are very sensitive to their owner's emotions and attitudes. If you go into a photo session with a calm, relaxed and positive state of mind, it will help your furry friend understand that this new experience is a positive one and that relaxed feeling will come through in all of your pet portraits. 


Do bring treats and favorite toys and comfort items. 

We all know the way to our furry friend's hearts is right through their stomachs, while your photographer will be loaded down with treats make sure to bring your own for familiarity and for a special treat after a successful photo session. 

Make sure to bring small treats, we want little tasty morsels, not entire meals, they should be one of your pet's favorite treats so that they will work hard for them and ensure the most successful images. 

Tennis balls, chew toys, that one stuffy they have had since it was bigger than them, bring them with you. The comfort items help ensure that your pet is comfortable and entertained and have a familiar item close by in an unfamiliar location. 

Make sure to let your photographer know which toy is the favorite so we can hold it back until we need it, generally when you bring out the favorite toy you only have a few moments before the excitement overwhelms them and they just have to go for it. 

These are just a few of the do's and don'ts that we have learned after a decade of pet portraiture. 

If you follow these simple rules you can all but guarantee a successful and beautiful pet portrait session. 

To learn more tips and tricks for your favorite photography session follow us on social media at the links below. 

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